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Quickly and accurately convert audio or video to written text online with the latest AI. Perfect for transcribing meetings, interviews, lectures, podcasts, calls, or other conversations.

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Get Quality Transcripts Instantly

Online transcription services have become part of our lives today. Now consider this; you may have an inspiring podcast recording that you want to transcribe into written texts. But transcribing audio to text is not a walk in the park because it may take hours or even days, depending on the length of the audio. Also, you might end up losing some vital details when transcribing the audio.
With KwiCut AI Transcription Tool, you'll enjoy a seamless voice transcription service, thanks to the user-friendly and advanced voice recognition technology. It simplifies the whole process by allowing the AI to auto-recognize voices and deliver error-free transcripts.
You can extract readable texts from audio/video formats like MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, and more. Moreover, you can search for keywords or edit texts before downloading the file. Give it a try!

How to Transcribe Audio/Video to Text?

step step
upload audio or video

Upload Your Audio/Video File.

Launch KwiCut AI Transcription tool on any mobile or desktop browser, then tap the Transcribe Now button to browse your local files and upload a video or audio file. You can also load a video by merely dragging and dropping.

start auto transcribing

Let AI Do the Transcription Work.

After audio uploading, the advanced AI tool will scan the file before auto-transcribing it into readable text. You will see the text tracks on the left pane of the workspace. Proceed to edit the texts where necessary.

download text

Download the Converted Texts.

The audio transcription process will only take a few seconds. Once the transcription process is complete, tap Export to extract the file in TXT, or SRT format. It's that quick and easy!

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What Makes KwiCut An Excellent Transciption Tool

Highly Accurate AI Transcription

KwiCut ensures you don’t lose vital words during video or audio transcription. Its advanced AI model ensures you get at least a 95% accuracy rate, saving you lots of time you would have used with manual transcription. It’s a cost-effective and time-conscious way of taking notes during meetings, conferences, and more.

95% high accuracy
transcribe various languages

Multiple Global Languages Accessible

The best transcription website must support multiple languages to break language barriers and connect with global audiences. Currently, KwiCut supports transcriptions in English, with languages like Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Arabic, and Mandarin to launch soon. You will no longer need a professional to transcribe audio to text in these languages.

Readable/Organized/Editable Text Output

After extracting text from audio, you may need to edit the text to make it more presentable. KwiCut houses a powerful text editor that allows you to edit, remove, and add texts. This voice transcription service also supports keyword searching to help you find essential words quickly and easily.

export quality texts
any media file types supported

Transcribe Any Audio or Video to Text

At KwiCut, we can help you auto-transcribe any video or audio format without restrictions. It supports all popular media formats like MP3, WAV, M4A, MP4, FLAC, OGG, OPUS, OGA, etc. This free AI transcription service also supports outputs in multiple text formats like TXT and SRT.

Add Auto Subtitle or Caption

Need to create subtitles for your video? You're in luck! This text-based video editor enables you to auto-subtitle or caption video recordings, improving accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments or people who prefer reading content. In return, this increases the reach and impact of your transcribed materials.

auto subtitle video

Frequently Asked Questions of Auto Transcription

How to transcribe audio to text automatically?

Converting audio to text online is super easy and fast with KwiCut Automatic Transcription. effortlessly handles a wide range of popular audio and video formats like MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, OPUS, OGA, and more. Simply upload your audio recording or speech, and watch your transcripts appear in no time!
KwiCut is the ideal tool for transcribing audiovisual content using AI. Follow the above steps to get your transcription texts in seconds. You can transcribe video formats like MP4, MOV, and more.
ASR technology allows us to use voices to command or speak to a computer. In other words, the computer will recognize the voice content before converting it to text. For example, you can use KwiCut Voice Recognition to dictate texts into emails and documents and emails.
Always use a free AI transcription tool like KwiCut to maximize your transcription sessions. This way, you don’t need a professional to finish the work, saving you time and money. However, you will still need to manually review the transcribed work because all AI transcription websites are not 100% accurate.
Sometimes you may want to transcribe a meeting or interview before printing it as a hard copy or sharing it as an email. In that case, use KwiCut to get accurate results in seconds. Follow these steps:
  1. Launch the AI transcription tool on your browser.
  2. Upload the audio file that you want to transcribe.
  3. KwiCut will auto-transcribe the audio to English text.
  4. Edit the transcribed texts by correcting texts.
  5. Export the transcribed text as SRT or TXT file.
Yes, it's highly recommended using KwiCut to extract texts or transcripts from voices. Unlike other transcription services, KwiCut handles a wide range of popular video/audio file types, including MP3, MP4, MOV, OGG, and more. Also, it uses an advanced AI model to ensure you get instant and accurate results. Moreover, it has an inbuilt text editor allowing you to delete, add text or even convert text to speech.

Happy Clients from KwiCut

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Psychology Student|Bridget
rating rating rating rating rating

I often find keeping up with my lecturer when taking important notes challenging. Thanks to this program, I never miss details in my lecture sessions. I’m really loving it!

rating rating rating rating rating

Thanks Wondershare for developing this excellent program. I occasionally use it to create minutes for my boss’ meetings, which was time-consuming before I found KwiCut.

Music lover|Haniel
rating rating rating rating rating

Nothing inspires me more than listening to my favorite music while reading the vocals line-by-line. This free AI transcription tool allows me to extract accurate lyrics from my favorite songs and even create my own music videos. I love it!

rating rating rating rating rating

This program has helped simplify my video upload process on YouTube. I can now generate and add English subtitles to my videos in seconds. Highly recommended!

Podcaster|Mark Mendelson
rating rating rating rating rating

An indispensable asset for any podcaster! The level of accuracy is astonishing; it captures every nuance of my speech flawlessly. The time I used to spend painstakingly transcribing episodes has now been drastically reduced, allowing me to focus more on content creation and engaging with my audience. Kudos to the developers for creating such a remarkable tool that truly empowers podcasters!